High Performance Liquid

Analysis Example from the Chromaster 60 MPa System

            The 60 MPa system, which can be used with columns containing 2.0 µm or smaller particles, and core-shell columns, is capable of conventional HPLC analysis and also ensures improved resolution performance and shorter analysis time.


System Performance

Easy to use

Analysis Example from the Chromaster 60 MPa System

           Most optional accessories are internally mounted to reduce the HPLC system's height. The handle located on the front side of the organizer moves vertically for easy access to solvent bottles.

            Module operations and the replacement of consumable and maintenance parts can be performed from the front side. With attention to detail on the housing of tubes and wires, the system keeps tubes from getting tangled up, ensures the ease of replacement, and provides adequate seismic stability.

Column management system (optional)

         Hitachi's column management system can manage the Log information on analytical columns and guard columns from any manufacturer.
Log information can be written and read through a connector mounted on the column oven or USB port in the computer. ID Tags can be used repeatedly*.

Wakeup (automatic pre-analysis tasks) and Sleep (automatic post-analysis tasks) programs

Automatic system Wakeup and Sleep from GUI

        - In Conditioning, up to 10 programs can be created by combining any of the module settings, such as pre-analysis tasks of system (Wakeup), and post-analysis tasks of system (Sleep).

       - For Wakeup program ending time, you can specify any time on current day, the following day, or two days later.

       - The Sleep program starts at a specified time on the current day/the following day, or after the end of a continuous analysis run.