Hitachi High Performance Liquid Chromatograph


System Features

Optional units mounted inside provide clean appearance

           All principal options, including a degasser, gradient unit, and sample cooling system can be mounted inside the main body.  It is not necessary to make room for optional units.

GLP function

A Hg lamp is installed in the detector, and wavelengths in the UV range can be calibrated using its emission line (254 nm) (installed in the Primaide1410 UV / 1430 DAD). Each module stores various types of quality assurance information, for improved data reliability.

e-Line and USB

The e-Line is an advanced version of the existing D-Line. All modules are connected by an e-Line in a single chain, and all the communications are integrated. The use of digital signals improves the reliability of data transactions. The interface between the PC and equipment is via versatile USB. A wide range of PC types are supported, enabling flexible configuration.

Front access layout for improved operation and maintenance

          Every module can be accessed and handled from the front. Since connections are arranged on the front side, it is easy to replace columns and manipulate the flow system. To support easier maintenance, the lamp and cell unit can also be accessed easily.

Leak sensors in all modules

           Any leakage in the flow system is detected by leak sensors built into each module. After detection the system halts, ensuring improved safety and reliability.

Complete control with system manager

            A control panel is not necessary, as everything can be controlled via the system manager. By installing a UI-pad (optional), each module can be controlled separately, in a conventional manner.