“The single stop for all radiation detection needs” North American Technical Services (NATS, Inc.) introduced cutting edge tools in the areas of radiation and analysis. NATS provides solutions the in the areas of Nuclear Power, Research, Environmental Measurements, Homeland Security, Radiation Monitoring Systems, Radiation Dosimetry, Nuclear Educational Systems and Health Physics in over 30 countries and 4 continents NATS continues to bridge technology with innovations in radiation detection and analysis.

Complete Solutions For Radiation Monitoring & Early Warning Systems

Industrial Grade and Nuclear Power Plant Qualified Radiation Monitoring Systems:

- High Resolution Systems Flow Systems for Gases and Liquid based on HPGE Detectors

- On-Line Liquid Monitoring Systems

- Radio Iodine Detection Systems

- Particulates and Noble Gas Detection Systems

- Gross Monitoring Dose Rate Gamma Network

- Spectroscopy Grade Network

- On-Line Water Monitoring Systems For Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Tritium Monitoring

- Ultra Low Dose Environmental Network

- Advanced Display & Control Software

Complete Solutions For Radiation Monitoring of Water

On Line Submersible Remote Radiation Detection Systems

- Specialized Systems For On-line Tritium Monitoring

- In-Situ radiation Measurement Systems

- Complete Laboratory Analysis Systems

Complete Solutions For Radiation Laboratories

Gamma Spectroscopy Systems

-  Alpha Spectroscopy Systems

-  Low Level Alpha Beta Counting Systems

-  Liquid Scintillation Systems

-  Calibration Standard Sources

-  Advanced New Generation Software

Complete Selection For Portable Instruments & In-Situ Analysis of Radiation

-  Portable High Resolution Gamma Spectroscopy Systems with Imaging capability

-  High Purity Germanium Detector Based Electrically or Liquid Nitrogen Cooled Field Gamma Spectrometry System

-  New Optimum Resolution Field Radionuclide Analysis Systems using LanBr, CeBr, CZT, and NaI Detection Technology

-  Underwater Spectroscopy Systems and Portable Systems for Alpha, Beta , Tritium Measurements

-  Hand Held Survey Instruments for Alpha, Beta, Gamma & Neutron Radiation

-  Systems for Food and Water analysis

-  Specialized software for gamma, alpha analysis and efficiency modeling

-  Personal Radiation Monitors

Complete Solutions For Radiation Portal Monitors & Software & Central Control Rooms

Security Gross Monitoring Gamma & Gamma Neutron Vehicle Monitoring Systems

Spectroscopy Grade Portals

Vehicle & Pedestrian Systems

Steel and Scrap Monitoring Systems

Handheld Secondary Identification Systems

Complete Selection of Instruments For Health Physics Applications

Survey and Contamination meters, probes

-  Alpha, Beta, Gamma, x-ray probes

-  Neutron survey instruments

-  Emergency response kits

-  Area Monitors and Wireless Networks

-  Laundry Monitors

-  Hand & Foot Monitors

-  Access Control contamination Monitors

-  Dose Calibrators

-  Personal Portal Monitors

-  Access Control Systems